Sample Comparison

A sample comparison of Paints and Coatings

One of the primary reasons a coating lasts longer is how much product is left on the surface after the suspension (in these cases a water base), evaporates. The thicker the dry coating the better. The higher the percentage of solids, the larger the amount of material is applied to the substrate to protect your home or building.

To understand the popular designation of “Green Products” we examine the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds. According to “Paints labeled low VOC should contain fewer than 50 grams per liter if they meet the Green Seal Standard.

The Master Painter Institute ( )  words it: MPI Green Stand (GPS-2-12) provides for a maximum allowable limit of 50 g/l.

The following comparisons are taken from the respective Product Data Sheets for each product listed. In order to compare as closely as possible, each product will list the primary emulsion, the approximate coverage area per gallon, the recommended dft (Dry Film Thickness, how thick the product is on the surface), the percentage of solids by volume (unless only shown by weight) and the amount of VOC’s per liter.

Lets start with some very well known products, that are widely available and work into some lesser known products. These are all Exterior Products, designed to cover, wood, stucco, Hardie siding, metal and brick.


 Sherwin Williams, Duration Exterior, Satin Finish

Carrier: Acrylic

Coverage: 250 – 300 sq. ft. gal.

Film Thickness: 2.2 – 2.6 mils dft.

Solids: 41% +/- 2%

VOC’s: 113 g/l


Behr Premium Plus, Ultra, Satin, White base

Carrier: 100% Acrylic Latex

Coverage: 250 – 300 sq. ft. gal.

Solids: 37.1%

Film Thickness: 2.4 Mils dft.

VOC’s: <50 g/L


Benjamin Moore, Aura

 Carrier: 100% Acrylic

Coverage: 250 – 350 sq. ft. gal.

Solids: 40.4

Film Thickness: 1.9 – 2.6 mils dft.

VOC’s: 46 g/L


 Sherwin Williams, Sherlastic, Elastomeric Coating

Carrier: 100% Acrylic

Coverage: 115 – 160 sq. ft. gal.

Solids: 41%

Film Thickness: 4 – 6 mils dft.

VOC’s: 102 g/l

High Performance Coatings with Ceramic Microspheres to reflect heat and add insulative properties.

Envirocoatings, Insulcoat Wall

Carrier: 100% Acrylic

Coverage: 175 – 225 sq. ft. gal.

Solids: 60.9%

Film Thickness: 6.3 mils dft.

VOC’s: 79 g/L


Acu-Shield, by Energy-Seal

 Carrier: 100% Acrylic

Coverage: 80 sq. ft. gal.

Solids: 54% +/- 2%

Film Thickness: 10 mils dft.

VOC’s: 50 g/L

Ceramic Force, by Nationwide Protective Coating Manufacturers, Inc.

Carrier: 100% Acrylic

Coverage: 100 – 150 sq. ft. gal.

Solids: 40% +/- 5%

Film Thickness: ? (unavailable from website product data sheet)

VOC’s: 45.2 g/L


 Rhino Shield, Ceramic One Coat  (We do NOT provide Rhino Shield, for comparison only)

Carrier: 100% Acrylic, Copolymer Emulsion

Coverage: 75 – 125 sq. ft. gal.

Solids: 51% +/- 5%   (by weight, not shown by volume)

Film Thickness: Not shown

VOC’s: 149 g/L

All the products shown have the same basic preparation for the products to perform to their best. This includes making sure the substrate is clean, dry and structurally sound. This is important regardless of the paint or coating that is applied.

All the products shown, and hundreds of others (except Rhino Shield), are available to be installed by ICP. Please contact us and let us help you find the right protective coatings for your home or building.