PermaTint Limited

PermaTint Limited manufactures unique and durable masonry paints and stains for stone, brick, block, concrete, stucco and other masonry surfaces.

Traditional paints (latex, acrylic or oil) mechanically bond (or stick) to the surface they are applied to and form a coating on it. These coatings will not allow moisture from within the wall to escape naturally. In time, this trapped moisture will cause the paint coating to lift, crack and peel.  Further, exterior environmental factors such as humidity fluctuations, UV rays and freeze/thaw cycles constantly wear at the vulnerable mechanical bonds causing fading and eventual failure. The result is a paint coating that requires consistent, expensive maintenance.

PermaTint’s mineral based paints and stains function completely  differently from traditional paints. They soak into the surface they are applied to and crystallize within it. Rather than sticking to the surface, our mineral paints go through a chemical reaction that permanently locks the color in – simply put, they become part of the brick rather than being a coating on it. Because the paint is comprised of natural minerals, it leaves the surface in a breathable state allowing internal moisture to evaporate

Our pigments are natural inorganic iron-oxides that are impervious to UV, allowing our paints and stains to maintain their rich and vibrant colours. Our products come with a 10 year replacement warranty and have a life expectancy of 20 – 30 years or more, with no maintenance.